The Adult Stem Cell Company
With over thirty years of research in adult stem cells, Moraga Biotechnology is positioned to be the premier leader in the fields of adult stem cell technologies and regenerative therapies. The photomicrograph to the left displays the Company's unique totipotent Blastomere-Like Stem Cells (BLSCs) that were purified and propagated in their undifferentiated state.
Revolutionizing Adult Stem Cell Technologies
Moraga Biotech has removed the technical hurdles associated with isolating and growing a homogenous population of stem cells from adult tissues. Using our proprietary serum-free tissue culture reagents, Moraga's scientists have discovered a primitive cell in adult tissues. The photomicrograph to the right shows Moraga's BLSCs relative to later pluripotent adult stem cells (ELSCs) in culture.
Committed to Regenerating Your Cells for Life
Tissue remodelling
With our newly discovered tissue isolation procedure, Moraga can now isolate millions of these unique blastomere-like stem cells from a person's tissues. By banking these cells, an individual now has the opportunity to use these cells to regenerate damaged or diseased tissues, if needed, at any point in the future. The photomicrograph to the left displays BLSCs (dark brown cells) that have differentiated into neurons, while remodeling the tissues in the brain.